Courtesy of Dr. Fabio Gorni

The design of the Prama neck is a synthesis of horizontal and vertical platform switching.

For many years scientific literature has been dealing with the concept of platform switching, the prosthetic restoration technique involving the use of posts with a smaller diameter than the implant platform with the aim of improving the biomechanical distribution of the prosthetic loading, and mainly to plan the prosthetic connection at a distance from the cervical bone, thus moving away the critical point of bacterial infiltration from the bone.

The clinical evidence on the use of Sweden & Martina implants confirms that this concept works both when it is applied to the neck of the implant (as in the case of the Premium and Kohno SP implants), and when obtained applying a prosthesis on a standard implant with an abutment with a smaller diameter than the connection platform (the so called prosthetic platform switching, as in the case of the Shelta, Outlink2, Global implants). 

From this experience we developed the idea of maximizing the platform switching mismatching in Prama implants, taking advantage of both its vertical and horizontal dimensions.