Courtesy of Dr. Ignazio Loi

The morphology of the part of the implant-prosthesis assembly which comes into direct contact with soft tissue plays an extremely important role in the quality of healing.

The contraction of myofibroblasts and collagen fibres entails a migration of the tissues towards the narrowest diameter, so the converging morphology of the Prama neck allows a growth of the soft tissues towards the most coronal part, which will stabilize and support the healing and the consequent maintenance and coronal growth of hard tissues also.

Finding a situation favourable to its regeneration, the connective tissue will progressively thicken thereby creating around the neck of the Prama implant a high and vascularized transgingival area that, besides its function of bone support, will also contribute to obtain an excellent aesthetic result. 
Also around traditional transgingival implants with a divergent neck collagen fibers migrate towards the narrowest diameter, but in this case it means they shift in apical direction, considerably limiting the soft tissues regenerating process.